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Provincial Slogan
Phitsanulok a town of the excellent Phra Buddha Chinnaraj,
the birthplace of King Naresuan the Great,
raft community,
delicilus dried bananas as fantastic caves and waterfall.
Provincial Seal
Features Phra Buddha Chinnaraj,
one of the country's most beautiful of Buddha casts in 1900 B.E. during
the reign of Phra Mahe Dhammarajalithai, is housed in
Wat Phra Sri Maha That Woramahavihar.
History of Phitsanulok
                The history of Phitsanulok could be traced back to time when the oncient
        Khmer influenced the reglon. As one of Thailand’s Important historic provinces,
        The old Phitsanulok town, Know as Muang Song Khwai, was located between
        the Nan River and the Khwai Noi River, about 5 kms south of the present town.

        Because of the change of its flowing route, the present Khwai Noi Tiver is
        approximately 10 kms away from the town. Currently, at the location of
        Muang Song Khwai is situated Wat Chutlamani, a well-established monastery
        of the province.

                By the year of 1900 B.E., in the Sukhothai Period, in accordance with the
        order of Somdej Phra Maha Dhammaraja Lithai, the City of Song Khwai was
        relocated to the present town and ruled by his son, Phra Sai Lue Thai.   
               Later in the Ayuahya Period, Muang Song Khwai was renamed as Muang Phitsanulok. Because of its
        premium location (situated between Ayudhya and northern cities), Muang Phitsanulok became more and
        more important. In the reign of Somdej Phra Borom Trai Lokkanat, the city had become the capita for 25
        years (from 2005-2030 B.E.). /the King was then ordained in Wat Chulamani. More important, King Naresuan
        the Great was born here. In the past, the town used to be the capital of the northern cities lacated on the Yom
        and Nan Rivers basin plain.

               During the early Rattankosin Period, Phitsanulok has still played a vital role as one of the leading towns
        under the supervision of Bangkok. In 2437 B.E., the status of Muang Phitsanulok by King Tama V. After the
        giving up the Monthon administration, the town has since then become a province.

               Blessed with natural beauties along the Phitsanulok-Lom Sak Highway and historix places, Phitsanulok,
        thus, enjoys its reputation as one of the country’s most renowned tourism provinces.